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WP5 and WP7 Face-to-Face Meeting, Prague

imagem do sobre do 1217WP5 and WP7 Face-to-Face Meeting, Prague

WP5’s Innovative Use of Health data and WP7’s Overcoming implementation challenges joint face-to-face meeting took place between the 11th and 13th September 2019, at the Conference Centre Hotel ILF, in Prague, Czech Republic. During the initial part of the meeting, WP7 discussed the results of the survey on data protection in healthcare carried out by WP7.2 (Best practices and approaches on data protection at national level).

The Czech team presented the data gathered from the partners as well as the structure of the D7.2 Report on Best practices and approaches on data protection at national level. The aim of the meeting was discussion of the topics on data protection in healthcare, to share Member State approaches to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in healthcare and to develop together a meaningful report for the eHealth Network.

During the second part of the meeting, WP5 discussed the topic of the WP5.1 (Mapping, awareness raising, and policy relevant actions on innovative use of big data in health). The overall objective of WP5 is to support the application of good practices in Member States and provide guidance at EU level on handling big data in health within the existing EU regulatory framework on secondary use of personal health data, and consequently to ease the uptake of innovative usage of data across the healthcare sector for the benefits of society, individuals and performance of MS health systems.

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