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eHAction Interoperability Guide

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoP) are primarily formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning in a domain of common interest where complementarity of skills, knowledge, perspectives and insights make for a sum that exceeds the result of their addition. To learn more and engage more closely with further developments, interested parties can join one of the committees of the participating organizations. Document: in progress.

The collaborative process for the elaboration of this Guide is expected to be continued by leveraging on national Digital Health Networks of entities that are likely to drive use and re-use of health data, within the European Health Data Space. These will complement a number of existing Communities of Practice, which you may be of interest to you:

NameEU Health Policy Platform
AidA collaborative online tool that makes it easy for European Commission services, health-related interest groups and stakeholders to communicate with each other.
MembershipThe European Commission’s Directorate General for Health and Food Safety moderates the Web Platform and coordinates Commission’s input. This initiative is funded through the EU’s 3rd Health Programme 2014-2020 and the platform’s working language is English.
AccessAll health stakeholders active in the field of health or interested in EU Health Policy to join the EU Health Policy Platform. Take a look at the Rules of procedure and the user guide to these how the Platform works and get an understanding of its benefits!
Collaboration ToolsIn addition to running the Web Platform, which facilitates online discussion, collaboration and frequent webinars; the EU Health Policy Platform team also organises the EU Health Award
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i~HD European Network of Excellence for Hospitals
NameData Quality Champion Programme
AidTo bring together hospital representatives from across Europe, who may be clinical or clinical quality or ICT or information analysts at the hospital, to learn about the importance of high-quality data and how to assess data quality, to share experiences of quality improvement approaches and challenges, as a peer network supported by i~HD experts and other European experts as needed.
MembershipOpen to any hospital within Europe (potentially beyond Europe later).
Access(Open/Closed Community): a closed community because we think this will keep the noise down and encourage collaboration and transparent sharing, but with an easy pathway to join the community without a financial cost.
Collaboration ToolsInitially email discussion lists, an online web and resources environment, webinars and later face-to-face meetings. Other collaboration tools may be determined later.
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ihe logoIHE for European Users
NameJoin with colleagues to develop the seamless exchange of patient data helping advance better patient care through shared digital records. IHE-europe engages clinicians, health authorities, industry and users to improve healthcare interoperability.
AidTo achieve its purpose, IHE-Europe supports, promotes and facilitates the use of IHE Integration Profiles through means such as educational activities, success stories , Connectathon and testing tools.
MembershipBring access to the IHE community its expertise and support for answering new interoperability user needs and deploying integration profiles in the eHealth projects.
AccessYou can become involved with IHE-Europe in three areas: Supporting activities;Participating in events; Working with a Committee
Collaboration ToolsIHE encourages the setting up of National Initiatives at the national level. This is the way for closed collaboration between members of IHE willing to deploy IHE Integration Profiles. A national initiative promotes, supports and implements IHE activities within the respective country.
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HL7 Essentials
NameFIHR Community
AidFHIR is a platform specification that defines a set of capabilities used across the healthcare process.
AccessThe FHIR community is open to all, subject to the Community Participation Rules: FHIR Code of Conduct and the FHIR Intellectual Property Rules.
Collaboration ToolsConfluence
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