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eHAction Interoperability Guide


EHRxF Community of Practice

Setting up a Community of Practice: was a topic explored in the framework of the sustainability of the Guide.  This aim of this X-eHealth document is to define the terms of reference for a CoP that supports the adoption of the European EHRxF and propose mechanisms for connecting such communities.”

Document: in progress.

Interoperability Profiles

Healthcare professionals seeking to acquire or upgrade systems need a convenient, reliable way of specifying a level of compliance to standards sufficient to achieve truly efficient interoperability. The purpose of the IHE initiative is to meet that need.

Interoperability Standards

Coming soon – this link is in preparation 

Data and Systems Security Guide

This Guide has been elaborated within the eHAction WP7 with the aim to provide an orientation and help navigate the different guidance documents that have been delivered by EU-level collaborative expert teams of Member State representatives and ENISA primarily.

Data and systems Security Guide

Good Practices

This template has been used by eHAction for collecting experiences from users and may be considered for re-use by other relevant communities.

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