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WP4 Workshop, Amsterdam

imagem do sobre do 1220WP4 Workshop, Amsterdam

WP4 – Empowering People, organised the “People Empowerment Workshop” in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 19th – 20th September 2019. The agenda of the first day started with a brief presentation to the stakeholders. WP4 introduced an overview of the activities, planning and goals to be achieved from the workshop.

Each WP4 task contributors and stakeholders took part in brainstorming sessions on the deliverable D4.1 Policy Framework on People Empowerment. During the afternoon, the working groups discussed the results of the different tasks and consolidated relevant information about the collected data.

On the second day, stakeholders presented the projects they are involved in and gave contributions about policy making and proposals in the field of health, focusing on People Empowerment. After that, the working groups brainstormed, defined priorities and verified the structure of the deliverable D4.2 Policy Proposal.

The People Empowerment Workshop brought fruitful contributions from all the participants, improving WP4’s work in progress.

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