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Recommendations on People Empowerment

imagem do sobre do 2532Recommendations on People Empowerment

We are working towards the end of the eHAction program (2018-2021), which is a good time to reflect on the work so far. Within the program of eHAction, Nictiz (Netherlands) and MoSA (Estonia), have been cooperating within Work Package 4 on the subject of People Empowerment.

Since the start of the program in 2018, Work Package 4 has produced two documents on People Empowerment, a Policy framework and a Policy proposal. Both documents have since been adopted by the eHealth Network.

The Policy framework contains the theory behind achieving the feeling of empowerment. What elements of behavior are necessary to change in order to achieve empowerment?

The Policy proposal elaborates and guides the way for Member States to increase empowerment. What steps can be taken at the policy level? The proposal contains a number of recommendations, spread across 9 priority areas. An example of a priority area is “Users at the centre”. When working on digital health solutions for a person or patient, it is important to work with the user instead of for the user. One of the accompanying recommendations is therefore: “Involve end-users in all phases of policy from policyshaping to implementation and evaluation. Ensure a ‘whole system in the room’ process where patients and health professionals are involved and represented”.

An overview of all results and recommendations can be found in the Digital Magazine. The official documents can be found on the eHAction website.

The next step for Work Package 4 is to prepare a closing document that helps Member States to monitor their results. In February and March, brainstorming sessions will take place with the contributors to discuss the possibilities. The result will be offered for adoption during the eHealth Network meeting 2nd and 3rd of June 2021.

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