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MEDICA 2019 - Digitalisation in Health without Borders

imagem do sobre do 1252MEDICA 2019 – Digitalisation in Health without Borders

MEDICA 2019 session Digitalisation in Health without Borders was held in Dusseldorf, on the 20th of November. On behalf of the eHealth Network and eHAction, Diogo Martins presented “The future of the EU eHealth Network: Strategies for meaningful services”, introducing the programme and focus areas for 2018-2021, as well as the Network’s strategies to face potential challenges and future opportunities.

MEDICA World Forum for Medicine is one of the largest events of the health sector, focusing on current issues such as the impact of eHealth, the processing of health and care in the Digital Single Market and how it can benefit people, healthcare systems and the economy.

As in last year’s edition, MEDICA 2019 brought together numerous international entities from different fields such as business, research and politics, thus creating a great opportunity for dissemination of the eHAction’s work.

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