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Joining the Dots Conference

imagem do sobre do 1259Joining the Dots Conference

Martin’s Brussels EU Hotel hosted the Joining the Dots Conference from 27th to 28th November 2019. Striving for ensuring better data for person-centred health and care, optimised research and Learning Health Systems, as the name suggests, this conference brought together seven leading European initiatives, contributing to key recommendations and future strategies for Europe: C3-Cloud; Trillium II; Digital Health Europe; eHAction; i~HD; EHR2EDC; EHDEN.

eHAction Coordination presented the overall work in progress by the Joint Action and Christof Gessner introduced WP6 work, focusing on interoperability challenges for cross border services. eHAction Coordination closed the 1st day as a facilitator in the session “Finalising the calls to action for the eHealth Network”.

The tangible goal of the Joining the Dots Conference, to be achieved through each participant’s contribution, was to complete a list of calls to action for European Health Ministries to be presented at the eHealth Network meeting on 28th November.

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