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Innovative use of health data

Addressing the society who should benefit from the analysis of large volumes of data generated across healthcare sector and others.

Expected achievements:TopicsExpected outcome
Strengthen the awareness of the possibilities and potentially beneficial impact of big data in health by identifying best practicesB.1 Awareness raising of using Big Data in healthcareIncrease awareness on the possible impacts, challenges, risks and directions of Big Data in healthcare.
Develop frameworks and common principles for realising the added value of big data in healthB.2 Develop common vision of innovative use of data in healthcareCommon vision and priorities for innovative use of data in healthcare.
Support the creation of good governance principles, practices and methods in handling use of health data, including big dataB.3 Governance and methodologies for innovative use of health data, including big dataCommon principles to facilitate the development of innovative use of data projects at European Level.
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