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Empowering People

Addressing citizens as individuals who should take an active role in their health care process.

Expected achievements:TopicsExpected outcome
People are better informed and have better guidance and access to high quality mobile health applications which they can trust, use, and recommend
A.1 mHealth and apps reliabilityDevelop a common framework and principles for facilitating safe and reliable use mHealth apps.
People are better equipped to control and manage the use of their health data, including the possibility to allow the sharing of their health data between service providers as well as for research and innovation purposes in a secure and protected wayA.2 Patient access and use of dataSynergetic and coherent approach to patient access, sharing, and reuse of health data in the EU.
People have easy and secure access to their health data and they are enabled to enter data to their personal health record(s)A.3 Digital Health literacy of patientsIncrease digital health literacy for EU-citizens by sharing best practices and tools
People are better supported in accessing healthcare through the use of high quality telehealth/telemedicine services regardless of whether they live in remote or urban areasA.4 TelehealthFacilitate the adoption of telehealth taking available evidence into consideration.
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